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  • Don’t Grow Up (it’s a trap)

    Forty years ago, the Norwegian climate strategi... Read more

    Posted: 06/07/2012

  • The Making of Malaysia, 1963

    By the middle of the 20th century, the British&... Read more

    Posted: 03/08/2012

  • The 1940 Tokyo Games

    For over 40 years after the inception of the mo... Read more

    Posted: 20/07/2012

Science This Week
  • Asian Giants Announce Space Plans & more

    Asian Giants Announce Space Plans Three of As... Read more

    Posted: 20/07/2012

Travel & Leisure
  • Taking the Terrapuri Trek

    Terrapuri is a resort unlike any other in Malay... Read more

    Posted: 20/07/2012

  • If It's Good Enough For The Beatles...

    The town of Rishikesh, located on the banks of ... Read more

    Posted: 06/07/2012


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Open For Business

For years the Philippines has been considered by some as an economic under-performer. Now there s... Read more

All Animals are Equal...

You are Chinese — you may not be, but play along. You are Chinese and you are a baby, newly... Read more

Swimming For Its Life?

Along Australia’s west coast, a debate is brewing on whether to cull Great White sharks, af... Read more

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Latest Articles
  • Meet Mr Twinkletoes

    From the back, it is far too easy to mistake former footballer Chia Boon Leong for a young man, or even — if you’re peering through a not-too-clean window in a moving taxi — a boy. Read more

  • Fight Club

    Mixed martial arts fighting has existed throughout the ages. During the Greco-Roman era in 7th century BC, Greek athletes battled it out with pankration, a discipline that mixed wrestling and boxing. Read more

  • Faster, Higher, Stronger

    For a country with more than 1.3 billion people, the odds of winning at least one Olympic gold medal every four years are in your favour, to paraphrase a popular saying. Read more

  • Slumlord Millionaires

    Asia is the world’s economic dynamo — and so it is no surprise that the region is rife with thousands of millionaire migrants. Read more

  • More Carrots, Fewer Sticks

    Gary Chou was two years old in 1949 when he was evacuated from China to Taiwan. He was 42 when he went back and he was shocked by the poverty he saw. Read more

  • Solving An Identity Crisis

    It takes ten minutes to make someone unique. In a country of 1.2 billion people, that is no mean feat. One by one, millions of Indians have signed up to have their identities and their right to the privileges of citizenship expressed... Read more

  • Game Changer

    Since the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster last year, Japan has been importing more and more LNG to fuel its thermal power plants... Read more

  • Keeping It in the Family

    When Li Ka-shing, Asia’s richest man, announced that his eldest son would be taking over the vast family empire earlier this year, he ended months of media speculation that succession squabbling could weaken his businesses. Read more

  • An Ode to Myanmar

    After years of darkness, we’ve seen flickers of progress in these last few weeks,” Barack Obama said of Myanmar in November last year. Since then, the winds of change have blown swift and strong across the country. Read more


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